European eParticipation Day 2009 – live!

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You can watch the European eParticipation Day 2009 conference life-feed here.

Project video teaser

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We have made a little promotional clip for the European e-Participation Day 2009. We hope you enjoy it (do turn on your sound for a more uplifting experience).

European eParticipation Day 2009 is on March 4th

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The European Commission organises a European eParticipation Day in Brussels on March 4th.

It is a conference and exhibition in one, with two objectives: to hold a high level debate, and to demonstrate progress by showcasing what the EC has done to foster eParticipation.

The development and wide use of powerful new ICT applications are transforming the political landscape. These new tools allow citizens to access more information and interact, debate and participate in public life in way not seen before. They are beginning to give ordinary people a greater voice.

The European eParticipation Day will provide the opportunity for a high level debate on current state of play and future directions. It will address the political challenges and the solutions that ICT can provide. The US election campaigns and the forthcoming European elections will be among the discussion points. The use of ICT to help legislators and decision-makers in their work and in particular to better communicate with their constituency and understand their views will be discussed. The event will also look at the benefits of ICT for citizens by giving them more of a say in decision-making as well as how ICT is helping to reconnect Europeans, in particular young Europeans, with politics.

In parallel, there will be an exhibition of the eParticipation projects that have been funded under programmes run by DG Information Society and Media.

You will need to register for this event (it’s free of charge). For all information (including how to sign up), please visit the conference webpage.

This is an excellent chance for you to get acquainted with the different projects that have been developed under this Programme. TID+ will of course also be present. We hope to see you there!

Do you want to make an appointment to meet in Brussels? Please send us a mail and we’ll get right back to you!

TID+ in Ghent, Belgium

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The TID+ project was presented, and the Ideas system demonstrated, to city government officials in the city of Ghent (Belgium).

The online services Ghent has to offer to citizens are seen as among the best in Flanders, and the city website receives frequent awards. Indigov, for example, has rated it the best public administration website both in 2007 and 2008.  The Indigov reports do however identify online participation as a subject that still requires attention, an advice which the Ghent city government does not ignore.

While researching international best practices, they came across the TID+ project and wanted to know more about it – a request enthusiastically met by our project co-ordinator Steven Segaert, who now lives in Tallinn, but was born and raised in Ghent.

Ghent city government now has all information that will allow them to evaluate whether or not TID+ is useful to them. We hope they will use the software, or allow themselves to be inspired by it when implementing other e-participation solutions.

PS Would you like to have someone from the TID+ project team over to discuss the project and the system? Send us a mail or use the contact page – we’re sure we can arrange something! We are ready to talk in English, Dutch, Estonian, Spanish, French or Russian.

TID+ in the press

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Baltic IT&T Review, a business journal for the information society, places the TID+ project under the spotlight In its second issue of 2008.

You can read the article online here.

TID+ project overview

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An overview of the TID+ project by Steven Segaert (TID+ project co-ordinator) is now available. If you want to know, in a nutshell, what TID+ is about, have a look at this video taken at the conference in Tallinn.


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To disseminate the results of the TID+ project further, we organise a webinar (*) on Friday, June 27th, 10:00 to 11:30 CET.

If you haven’t been able to join the conference in Tallinn on June 5th, this is an ideal opportunity for you to learn more about the TID+ project. We will tell you a bit more about the project itself, and will show you a short demonstration of the software. The project team will be available to answer all your questions.

The full invitation and a registration form are on this page.

We hope to see you online!

(*) If you have never attended a webinar before: it is just like a normal conference or seminar, except that you are able to participate from the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Presentations and speeches are broadcasted, and you can ask questions by typing them or by using the audio solution provided (we have chosen Skype). For best results, we recommended you to use a headset.

Study and development

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Peeter Marvet (the tech-guru on our project team) and Eero Elenurm (who lead the development as a subcontractor) did an amazing job at the conference explaining how the analysis of the TOM system has lead to the choices and developments under the TID+ project. Because a picture says more than a thousand words, we have posted the video of that 57 minute presentation on Google video.

Or how statistics can be made fun. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Not working for you? Watch it here.

More conference materials are available via this page on the eGA website.

TID+ conference on June 5th

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The e-Governance Academy and the TID+ team invites you to the 2008 eDemocracy conference “Opportunities for Citizen Participation in an Information Society” on June 5th in the Press room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia.

This year the conference touches upon the opportunities ICT and the Internet provide for citizens to take part in the policy making process and to have a say in political decisions. We introduce the new governmental participation portal OSALE ( which opens a new way for Estonian people to express their opinion.

We are also proud to present a new participation tool, TID+, which, with support of the European Union, is at present being developed and which will be made available to everyone. TID+ is based on the experiences with the Direct Democracy Portal TOM that has been in use in Estonia since 2001. So, the Estonian experience in public participation is about to enter an international arena.

The conference further focuses on an analysis of Estonian e-voting experiences and gives an overview of future perspectives, plans and developments. We also look forward to hear expert opinions in a panel discussion on whether and to what extent online participation and the New Media influence politics and shape democracy.

The conference is organised by e-Governance Academy together with the State Chancellery and Electoral Committee and is part-financed by the European Commission. Attending is free of charge, but registering is necessary.

More information on the conference and how to register is available on the eGA website.