Ideas system guidelines for implementors

Decision-makers wanting to implement the TID+ Ideas system not only need to be aware of its possibilites and limitations, but also of the policy elements that inspired the choices made in the development.

To that end, a “TID_Handbook” was created. It offers background information on e-participation, and explains what inspired the TID+ Ideas system.

The handbook of course does not contain everything there is to know about e-participation and the involvement of citizens in decision-making processes. If you wish further elaboration, help on the decision whether or not to implement your own version of TID+, or help on how to make it work, please get in touch with us. We will be glad to help you along.

Good questions to ask yourself are what you would intend to do with the ideas collected, what (other) institutions you might get involved to answer ideas, or how the legal framework you are confronted with can help or hamper you.

On all these questions – and many more – we can help you find an answer.

As the TID+ Ideas system is being assessed, concrete opportunities for implementation arise. We will keep you informed on what we do in that respect, and post further information on these pages.