Ideas system TOS and license information

Users of the TID+ Ideas system agree to adhere to certain rules and agreements. These are listed here.

Rules of conduct

All users of the Ideas system have to agree, and adhere to, certain rules of conduct. As the TID+ Ideas system is meant to be adapted and implemented on other servers, these rules can be re-written to match a particular setting and philosophy. The rules of conduct stated here can serve as an example; they are the rules that are applicable to the TID+ Ideas system as found on

The purpose of the of the TID+ tool is to enable as many people as possible to make their views known either by presenting an idea or commenting and voting on the latter. These terms of service are written with that purpose in mind. Before you enter the TID+ Ideas system, please read these terms carefully. By using this system, you are agreeing to the terms of service set forth below.

Please remember that any information you disclose in the TID+ Ideas system becomes public information and can be used by people you don’t know. Therefore, you should be careful when you decide to disclose any personal or other information when posting, commenting or voting on an idea. What you reveal about yourself is at your own risk.

You are only allowed to use the system insofar you comply with the following rules of conduct applicable to the whole system. By using the system, you specifically agree to comply with each of the following requirements:

  • not to represent any other person or impersonate any other person;
  • not to provide misleading or false information;
  • not to post material that is insulting, threatening or provocative or is otherwise in violation of any applicable law, rule or regulation;
  • not to post or transmit messages or material that violates or infringes the rights of any other party, including (but not limited to) rights of privacy, publicity, property, copyright or trademark;
  • not to abuse the system by actions that constitute spamming repeatedly posting similar comments or in any other way;
  • not to post material to the website for commercial purposes, including (but not limited to) posting advertisements or solicitations;
  • not to post, transmit or link to any software or computer files that contain disruptive or harmful content.

Although administrators of the system may monitor or review posted material, we do not actively monitor the content of materials, nor are we under any obligation to do so. Each user is solely responsible and liable for the contents of his or her postings. Your words are your own, and we take no responsibility for them. We have the right, but not the obligation, to remove, at any time, any material in the system, in each case as we deem appropriate.

Not limiting the right to take action for other reasons, moderators will delete materials if:

  • content or/and wording are impossible to understand;
  • they can be considered as political propaganda and/or commercial use;
  • they contain delicate personal data;
  • the language used is offensive, rude, and provocative and includes swear words;
  • the presented idea already exists and overlaps with an existing idea.

Please note that you rely on information posted in this system at your own risk. Only the official answers provided and identified as such are official information. All other posts and materials must be seen as unverified personal opinions.

Privacy information

Please protect your own privacy by not revealing any information you do not want known by the world at large. If, for example, you add your Skype name to your profile information, be aware that anyone will be able to contact you.

Information gathered through the TID+ Ideas system can be used by the e-Governance Academy and its partners for research purposes. Ideas and comments you post can be published and digested. However, in this context, we will not link names or identity information with specific content. We will, for instance, not divulge what real name or mail address is behind a certain pseudonym.

By using the system, you agree that the administrators of the system can contact you for feedback, or to gather more information on your idea. Such contact is sometimes necessary to improve the quality of the official answers provided, so you may be contacted to clarify your ideas or comments.

License information

The TID+ Ideas system is protected by copyright under the GNU GPL license (version 3), and under the EUPL license (version 1)*.

* A worry exists concerning the consequences of the use of GPL license where it comes to software made available online. What is based on GPL licensed elements can be used as long as the end result is published under a license that is at least as permissive as GPL. There is however discussion whether or not this also entails the online publishing of software. Summarised, the question is as follows: if you create a service through adapting elements which are themselves published under GPL, does this mean that you have to publish the software you have created under GPL too? Apparently; the requirement to publish the source code only exists if the software itself is distributed, and not if a service is made available through running a software remotely. Legally speaking, this may not be regarded as distributing the software. The discussion, which goes under the name “the ASP loophole” seems to be sufficiently serious to consider. This worry, which exists under GPL, seems to be solved in the European Union Public License (EUPL), as this carries a different and more enlarged notion of software communication. The solution is to publish the source code of TOM and TID+ under GPL license and to publish it under EUPL license. This retains the benefit of an established license, while leaving the possibility of remedying its problems via the EUPL. As neither license is revocable, the more permissive one will prevail. Whether, in legal discourse to-be-developed, GPL or EUPL turns out to be the most permissive therefore carries no further importance to the TID+ project.